The Stink Excerpts

Okay, I know what you are like, you want to read something!

So, just for you, I have collected together a nice little batch of excerpts and quotes from The Stink, including the whole of Chapter One!

What more could you want out of life?

Quotes from The Stink

"But, look," Smell said, pointing through the window, "you have to be the only teen using it!  It is all blue rinse and Tory flavoured cupcakes in there!" 

Smell, like all politically motivated sixteen year olds was defiantly left wing; well there were some right wing ones, but we all knew who they were, and who they would become…

"I am having enough trouble understanding one Irish girl, half the time, let alone the entire country!" Aroma stared at him.  "Ah.  Did I just say that out loud?"

Aroma nodded, but then grinned. "Today, I forgive you!" she said with exaggerated magnanimousness.  

There is something quite magical about the blues.  It is not the fire of passion, it is not the laments, it is not the pain that sometimes shines through, or the soaring talents that takes on the story, but it is the warmth, the humanness, the shared love that binds everyone tight.  It will wrap you in the softest cloak and tuck you in by the warmest fire and break your heart free of what ails it.

"I’m up for that! What you want to do?"
"A love song?" Suggested Smell without a lot of enthusiasm.
"What you mean, girl meets boy, girl snarls at boy with derision, girl walks all over boy proving he is a low life and finally girl leaves boy whimpering in a puddle of his own deflated ego?"
"You had a bad day?"
"No, just been watching people like you too much."