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The Stink

Meet the Stink: Smell, Aroma, Haze, Fart and Stench

The Time: Summer, 1976
The Mission: Ten weeks to get a gig.
What Happens: Bloody Mayhem!

Smell and his friends are sixteen years old and residents of North London at a time when the dustmen were on strike, the National Front were pasting their horrible philosophy everywhere, and just about everyone else that wasn't already on strike was thinking about it.  Oh, and Capital Radio was still seen as cool. (Remember "your mother wouldn't like it?")

Into this world, the friends set up at an abandoned railway shed to rehearse themselves stupid. They write their own songs, they have their own take on the world and despite being complete idiots, they care. They care for their world, their friends, their family and they want to sing about it. Brilliant.

Of course, it would help if you hadn't chosen the one place in North London to rehearse that is going to upset the most violent man on the streets, Barleycorn Pete.

From comedy to tragedy, politics to romance, The Stink go through it all and we go through it with them.

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"C.C. Hogan provides the attitude, the snark, the insecurities and the darker sides of life as well as the easy camaraderie of kindred souls. A fun read that will have you wishing you had the energy you had in the 70s or whenever you were a teen." - Dianne at Tometender - 4 stars!

"Crazy, fun, exciting, a new decade to think about. Its a perfect read if you want to try something a little different. Fun and interesting all the way through!" - Serenity - 4 Stars!

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Suitable for smelly teens of any era. It's all about Lurve!

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The Stink: On the Road

1977 was one of those years where the phrase "Do your Bloody Homework" reverberated round North London, especially if you were doing your A-Levels.

Yeah, so they got a few gigs, between the homework, the summer was less fun, though they played the Adam and Eve twice and did a few others around North London, enough to get them noticed a bit, but they were still doing their A-Levels and the parents were leaving no way out at all.

And then it ended!

Summer, 1978

The exams are finished, the band are back together again, and this time, they have a van!

Sexier, sillier, two years older and madder, the Stink are On The Road.

Putting the band back together again has never been so dangerous and gigging round England will never be the same again.

Coming Soon(ish)

The Stink: On the Road