The Stink Lyrics

What makes The Stink special is that they write their own songs about what they see and what they feel.  Dear old Smell is a bit of a poet really and writes most of the lyrics, though Stench helps and has written one song on his own.

There are only a few of the lyrics here, mostly because Smell keeps losing the damned things! But check back cos you never know when he will find others.


Lay Lay Lay

The guys went down to the Blue-Rinse Bar,
Gonna get some fries,
gonna sing La-La,
Wanna make some sound like new born stars,
Know what they do,
Know who they are,


Sing La La La sing Ley Ley Ley
Going Ra Ra Ra
In the Hay Hay Hay!
Singing La La La singing Ley Ley Ley
Making Ra Ra Ra
All the day, day day!

Jane and John sitting in the shadows,
Looking at each other,
Hoping they don’t miss,
Said Jane to john close your eyes and wish,
Cos you’re gonna get some loving,
Gonna get kissed, she sang

Three little ladies, three little squawlers,
Put them on the floor and they’re
Three little crawlers,
Three little mites dancing on the tables
Raise their voices to the sky
Never gonna cry they sang,

Thee Classy ladies with their new hair on
Showing off their beauty,
Singing, Boys, Come on!
Get up and dance show how gorgeous you are
Cos the boys will love you
For who you are sing


Got to walking down the old Broadway
Got a, strange compulsion to go this way,
Its the, people coming from the other streets
To the, common places where we all can meet!

Maybe someday I will change
Maybe someday out of chains!

Hold on tightly to your dreams
Hold on tightly as you scream
Keep on walking all the way
It all can be found on old broadway!!!

What you found!! (shouted)

Crazy weekend, crazy day
Lost my rhythm, lost my way
Check the TV, the radio
No direction, nowhere to go

Maybe someday I will find
The kids of Broadway haunt my mind!


Dirty roads with dirty stories
Cleaned each Tuesday, wipe away the tears
Keep looking straight, don’t look through those windows
Twitching curtains hiding secret fears

Step into another day
Find your hope on old Broadway

Hold on tightly to your shame
The kids of Broadway hear your pain
There'll always be another way
Find the kids on old Broadway!!!

What you found? (shouted)

I found Broadway!

Check the lessons that granny told
Words of wisdom that are way too old
Hear the new kid’s philosophy
They'll tell you everything you don’t want to see

Crazy minds need crazy words
Hang on to what you just heard

What you heard?

Empty streets of empty lives
Alarm clocks ringing the chapters by
Barren glass reflecting barren souls
Get me out from their strangle hold

Maybe one day I'll be free
To run the race in old Broadway!!

Tie me in Knots

Tie me in knots
Stand me close to the mirror
Let me see who I am
Tell me where I come from

Make me stand proud
In front of all who see and hate me
So they can tear me down
And spit on me

If you want me to cry
Don’t curse my beliefs or
Kick me when I am down
Just tell me I am not wanted

Make me a room with
No windows or doors
Make me a scarf to
Bind my eyes

Turn off the lights and
Leave me standing here
Forget who I am
Or what I believe.

We All Are Waiting

She waits, like she’s waited all this time
Counting down the moments as the cars pass by
Looking through the window, down into the street
She is hoping at the next stop is the one she wants to meet

She’s been alone, a soul among the many
Catching rides on buses, to find a little peace
She doesn't know what love is but she’s falling anyway
Falling for the man she watches, each and every day

We all are waiting
We all are failing
All embracing
We are all
Always hurting
For ever loving
For ever searching

(Last verse)
He climbs, up the stairs inside the bus
Moving to the front seat like he does every day
It’s a journey that he must take but he doesn't know why
He just has to be here, so he can hear her little sigh

I can feel, feel her eyes brush my shoulders
Willing me to turn around to move a little closer
Travelling together we are two souls apart
Separated by stubbornness, will we break each other’s hearts?

We all are waiting
We all are failing
All embracing
We are all
Always hurting
For ever loving
For ever searching

The Bridge

Kicking at shadows
Walking the night
Take a walk in another's town
I am the stranger, who cares?

It's a place I have been
The dark where I have sinned
When the stranger comes walking
Run if you're scared

Run, run, run, run
Get to the bridge, Get to the other side
Run, run, run, run
Run away from your shadows, run away from your cares...

Look at me crying here
Look at my face
I've been chased from my home
Been chased from my youth

The darkness is beckoning
Confusion its sword
Hold me and cry with me
Run from my fears

Run, run, run, run
Get to the bridge, Get to the other side
Run, run, run, run
Run away from your shadows, run away from your cares…

Park Song

Smell has left the lyrics in his other case, apparently.  The rest will appear at another time!

I'm building a ladder
To climb up higher

Building a tower
To shout out louder

Feel the wind on my face
The past on my back

The hope in the sky
There’s no turning, turning…