The Stink - Who would be a teen in 1976?

"A fun read that will have you wishing you had the energy you had in the 70s or whenever you were a teen." - Tome Tender
"It's a perfect read if you want to try something a little different. Fun and interesting all the way through!" - Serenity Lovely Reads

It's 1976, the sun is out and it is planning to stay out right through summer.

Five friends with stupid nicknames get kicked out of school early having finished their O-Level exams with one single aim. 

They are sixteen years old, they have something to shout about and they are putting together a band...

What could go wrong?

A heartwarming tale of friends, family, music and murder...


Meet the band

Meet the band

Smell - Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Nose-Picker

Aroma - Drummer, realist, banned from singing

Haze - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals, sensible bloke

Fart - Keyboards, backing vocals, antagonist

Stench - Lead guitar, composer, pedant

Whether you were a Teen in the 70s or you're a teen now, you will love this lot!

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Make me stand proud
In front of all who see and hate me
So they can tear me down
And spit on me
If you want me to cry
Don’t curse my beliefs or
Kick me when I am down
Just tell me I am not wanted
Make me a room with
No windows or doors
Make me a scarf to
Bind my eyes
Turn off the lights and
Leave me standing here
Forget who I am
Or what I believe.

1976 Dustbin

Back at this end of the march, a march fuelled by hatred and intolerance, fear and narrow minds, were local people.  People they knew, mixed with, went to school with, bought things from, talked with, laughed with, they were here shouting and yelling supporting this foul agenda. 

Smell looked back through the window where his friends stood in silence.  Londoners, Jamaicans, Dubliners, Cypriots.  Black, gay, straight, male, female, Jewish, Christian, atheist, crazy, young, old; none of this mattered to Smell, he never even thought about it unless one of them was hurt by it. 

He looked back at the march, feeling sick.  

Warning Nose Picking

C.C. Hogan

I am a writer and musician who has kicked around the media industry in Central London for years.

I was born and dragged up in North London back in the seventies, and I have a habit of speaking and writing in a Norff Lonnon accent. I play a bit of guitar, like my wine and beer and could charm the bollocks off an oyster.

Look out for a new fantasy trilogy,  Dirt. 

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“What you want to do?”
“A love song?” Suggested Smell without a lot of enthusiasm.
“What you mean, girl meets boy, girl snarls at boy with derision, girl walks all over boy proving he is a low life and finally girl leaves boy whimpering in a puddle of his own deflated ego?”
“You had a bad day?”
“No, just been watching people like you too much.”

Stench, Aroma, Smell, Haze and Fart. Might not be the best chosen nicknames in town, but these five have just finished their O-Levels and are on a mission to take their fledgling little band and get themselves a half decent gig.  Songs are good, playing is getting better, Smell's voice is wicked, so what could possibly go wrong? 

Aside from the National Front, smelly teens, the lead singer falling in love with the drummer and a double murder.

But this is 1976. It is not only a different decade, it is a different planet. If you were a teen back then, you will lap up the nostalgia. If you are a teen now, you will wish you had been there.

The Stink.  It was what the seventies were all about!

The Stink - Available in Paperback